Art Lessons

Where and When?


  I have been teaching art for 20 years in both school and private lesson settings.  Lessons are held in my studio in Collinsville.  The year is broken into two sessions:  a school-year session (September - May), and a summer session (June and July). Because of the small class size students can enter at any time during the year as each lesson is built around the individual and everyone does not work on the same project.

    Lessons last for one hour once a week.  I have several students who travel almost an hour to get here so I also offer the option of a 2 hour lesson every other week as well so the driving time is more manageable.

Who is Involved?


 Although I have made some exceptions, my youngest students are in the second grade.   I have been priviledged to teach quite a range of ages -- including elementary through high school students and adults - including several grandmothers!  When you see the student artwork you would never guess the ages of these amazing artists.  Many of the most unbelievable pieces are done by some of the youngest students!

     Students come each week to meet in a semi-private session with 1-4 people in each class, or a completely private session.  I believe the reason to keep the small class size is the ONE-ON-ONE ATTENTION  AND INSTRUCTION each person is able to receive.  This also creates an environment where no one feels overlooked but has my full attention and can work in a environment that is not intimidating. 

    For many years, students have competed in local fairs as well as regional and national scholastic fine arts contests resulting in high honors, receiving such awards as "Best in Show" and other prestigious awards where some of their art has become part of semi-permanent collections and shown in front of hundreds of people. I am also pleased that some students have compiled their own art portfolios and have been accepted into collegiate art schools.  Students take lessons for many different reasons and with different goals in mind, but each lesson is based on the individual working in a pressure free environment  that allows everyone to have fun and produce great art at their own pace.


Our Goal:


   Lessons are all about learning fundamentals and techniques.  These lessons are not craft classes but a means to see each student's creativity bloom while learning how to create fully rendered realistic artwork.  Each student will learn how to utilize the many different tools and media available that can make any artist a success!  You will do more than you ever imagined you could!  I knew nothing when I had my first art lessons in college.  All I knew when I began was I wanted to be good at something and I was drawn to art but had no idea how to begin or be successful.  My goal in lessons is simply to show my students how to begin and use that knowledge to produce amazing works of art that they had no idea they were capable of producing.  There is nothing like the confidence of producing something that others marvel at and enjoy.  Learning how to produce art is another way to help a student build confidence and feel good about themselves.  I also have many students who are adults that have waited their whole lives to try their hand at art and finally have the time to do it.  Regardless of age you will be shocked at what you can accomplish!


In Closing:


SEEING is truly believing.  Our goal from day one in lessons is to look "DEEPLY AND PRFOUNDLY" at our subject matter.  To take a fresh and fearless look at what is really in front of us.  It is not just talent but patience, diligence, hard work and a keen AWARENESS of ourselves and how we produce art, that enables each artist to aquire the true skill of "SEEING."  This is my goal for each artist that I have the pleasure of working with.  Each week we meet and EXPLORE all the techniques necessary to make each and every piece come to life.  We all have creativity inside us but learning the techniques to showcase our creativity and skill is imperative to achieve QUALITY ARTWORK.  Most people don't know where to begin, but EVERYONE CAN CREATE MEANINGFUL ART.


Projects Can Include:

  • Drawing without guessing

  • Shading with pencil, charcoal, pastel and other media to create realistic black and white and color works of art 

  • Painting with watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints

  • Figure drawing

  • Mixed media

  • Pen and ink drawings

  • Portraits


  • Materials fee per session:  

  • Cost per one hour lesson: 

    • $40 for semi-private lesson with 2-4 students 

    • $100 for a private lesson